September 06, 2005

The EU, the New Labour and ID cards

Nosemonkey of europhobia has found some good information on the Tyrant Blairs latest weeze to get his ID cards and database. Knowing that it probably won't get by Parliment without scrutiny, where the massive gapping holes would hopefully be spotted and the bill thrown out, he has decided to use the EU as a democracy bypass mechanism.

The horrible thing is that it will work. Most EU countries have some kind of ID Card and will therefore see nothing to object to, even if some might find the extra 'government get to eavesdrop on everything' clause Blair has decided to add as well a little unpalitable. The commision will love it, ID Cards being anitdemocratic and transfering power to the state. The EU Parliment, well the parliment is irrelivant as it has no power to do anything anyway. And once blair gets his shiny EU directive or regulation he can come home and implement it and the British Parliment will have absolutely no say in the matter what so ever.


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